• Increased revenues and profitability
• Predict demand • Requirements planning
• Electronic collaboration with trading partners and external partners in the supply chain Data security
• Execution and replenishment of your warehouse distribution channels
• Distribution of inventory and goods in transit
• Cumulative lead times


• Predict demand based on historical sales and trends
• Link sales order, purchase orders and jobs
• Processes that minimize obsolete, out of date information
• Customized forms
• Advance customer service levels
• Reduce forecast error
• Supply chain transfers
• Inventory management (materials and finished goods)
• Lower inventory investment
• Load Planning


• Tools to process and track large volumes of orders
• Procure materials from your various supplies
• Control complex and variable pricing and discount structures
• Multifaceted warehousing with sophisticated placement and picking procedures
• Large and diverse Inventories
• Multi-site warehouses
• Customer – stock code interchange
• Multiple bins • Safety stock
• Replenishment rules by warehouse

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