SYSPRO Technology Exemplary of ‘Next-Generation’

SYSPRO ERP Offers Agile Functionalities Described as “Next-Generation” by Eval-Source

SYSPRO, a developer of best-of-breed, award-winning enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for on-premise and cloud-based utilization, announced today that the functionalities offered in SYSPRO ERP match those described as “next generation” by Dylan Persaud, Managing Director, Eval-Source. In his article, “Next-Gen ERP,” appearing in the Manufacturing Business Technology blog of 6/25/2012, Persaud notes: “Next-gen ERP products allow organizations to quickly create new processes, reconfigure and tweak existing processes, as well as add additional functionality they may already have but need to configure.”

“Persaud’s description of the agility and functionality that characterize ‘next-gen’ software could have been describing today’s SYSPRO ERP offerings,” exclaimed Joey Benadretti, SYSPRO USA president.
“For example,” says Benadretti, “SYSPRO’s tried and tested, award winning, implementation methodology continues to ‘set the pace’ by facilitating the ability of organizations to streamline their business processes during the implementation of their SYSPRO ERP software.”

In addition, Benadretti points out that SYSPRO Business Process Modeling enables companies to readily reconfigure business processes to enhance overall efficiency. Moreover, the Power Tailoring options in SYSPRO 6.1 also greatly simplify information navigation, enabling even non-programmers to personalize views and achieve new levels of operational efficiency. The capabilities complement the award-winning SYSPRO Fluid Interface which allows users to easily modify the behavior of any SYSPRO application to gain needed information and deepen and broaden functionality. For example, a user can:

• Configure forms to display additional data automatically, such as CAD drawings associated with stock codes;
• Insert an editable or read-only notepad against any key field;
• Remove any fields not used; and
• Control and streamline the way data is entered through configurable input masks and case settings.

SYSPRO also facilitates system-wide personalization to meet company-specific standards, such as the rewording of field captions to align with company terminology, while role-based personalization simplifies the modifying of user interface elements, such as menus, toolbars and forms. These enhancements augment administrative controls and simplify deployment across the organization.

Within SYSPRO there is no restriction on how information is derived or on the technology used to present information. Users can draw on out-of-the-box ‘templates’ to build user applications at the touch of a button or use highly sophisticated development tools, such as Visual Studio, to build and deploy .NET applications that interact with core SYSPRO functionality and are implemented as a seamless part of the SYSPRO solution. Once these .NET applications reside on a central server, they can be seamlessly deployed to the client computer automatically when required. SYSPRO 6.1 also allows users to present information (down to cell level) in a graphical and aesthetically-pleasing manner using a combination of Excel-style features and XAML Markup code.

Further exemplifying the “next-gen” features that characterize SYSPRO ERP is the ease with which it enables companies to embrace Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to extend functionality. SYSPRO SOA allows companies to link disparate functionalities and integrate new capabilities.

Moreover, SYSPRO continues to focus resources on education, technology and functionality, so that SYSPRO users can maximize operational efficiencies and obtain rapid ROI’s. Because SYSPRO software enables mid-size manufacturers and distributors to tailor their SYSPRO software to meet special and often unique requirements, the companies are able to extend operational efficiencies and customer service.

Benadretti summarizes: “SYSPRO ERP is a highly configurable and agile ‘next-gen’ system that can easily adapt and change as requirements evolve.”

Asked to comment on the “next-gen” features of SYSPRO ERP, Persaud says, “SYSPRO’s user configurable interface enhances the end-user experience by being able to customize an individual workspace. The fact that users can customize their own workspaces without IT intervention may also increase adoption within the company, thereby lowering the chance of IT failure. The SOA, built in .Net technology requires little coding for customizations so that workflows can be built quickly without vendor intervention which extends the ROI and decreases TCO for customers using the next-gen foundation found within SYSPRO.”

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