Select the Right Consultant

Characteristics to look for in a consultant are:

  • Honesty and passion. We offer the honesty to inform and challenge the client with what they should hear, not what they would like to hear and the passion to deliver world class service grounded in experience and knowledge.
  • The ability to interact at both the task and the relationship level. The task skills should include ability to process an assignment effectively, to generate concepts, and put them to work. The relationship skills should include willingness to spend time establishing a relationship, to proceed on a basis of mutual trust.
  • Integrity. A good consultant also selects their client and will refuse work if success is not possible, or if their availability and responsiveness cannot be guaranteed.
  • A fearless proactive style which challenges the client to see old things in new ways, and to also see new things. A style that stems from a good understanding of the client’s business realities and challenges.
  • Determination to transmit learning by working with your people, developing their skills, and reducing dependence as quickly as possible.

Only a handful of ERP consultants are able to provide the intellectual, social, emotional, ethical, intuitive characteristics and the soul that make the difference between average and great consulting. We can and will.

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