Customer Support

Inform-A-Tek supports the complete customer service cycle, from pre-sales support through initial product implementation and ongoing ERP support services.

In order to meet your ERP support needs as thoroughly and efficiently as possible, Inform-A-Tek offers several different methods of ERP customer service, creating a flexible system that gives the customer the ability to tailor their support plan to fit the requirements of different stages of the implementation, training and long term maintenance processes.

At Inform-A-Tek, we know how important it is that our Consultants are current with the constant changes in technology as well as the products we implement. All Inform-A-Tek ERP Support Consultants go through a comprehensive Certification program and take advantage of the courses available on the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) and information provided on the SYSPRO Support Zone for continued education. We also encourage our customers to make use of educational tools like the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) to help get up to speed on the software and to make sure their users maintain their knowledge well into the future.

Our ERP experts are here to provide our customers with top level training, consulting, and implementation services through a number of different methods such as classroom training, on-site training, and e-learning to make sure you get the most out of your investment in a way that works best for you. If these options are not what you are looking for, specialized workshops can be developed to assist our customers with hands-on training requirements. With these strategies in hand, Inform-A-Tek will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to take your business to the next level.

Inform-A-Tek has been an outstanding SYSPRO Value Added Partner for over 15 years.  We support ERP customers across the United States and beyond.

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