Business Needs Analysis

Inform-A-Tek is committed to help you plan toward reaching your goals. Our approach is Business process improvement, aimed at optimizing the data and material flow. Like many manufacturers and distributors your company is striving to implement controls through the use of better technology and procedures to help remain competitive. The full implementation of a formal integrated control system will be a critical step in achieving visibility over the operational cost, delivery schedules, capacity management and overall management of the business. The success of any system implementation is based directly on the use of a structured project management approach which includes management involvement, proper planning and project management, understanding of business goals, and the correct level of focused training and on-site support. Needs Analysis is about defining who the users are, defining their tasks and goals, their experience levels, what functions they want and need from a system, what information they want and need, and understanding how the users think the system should work. Experienced Inform-A-Tek ERP Consultants will compare your existing business processes with your existing software and put together a detailed report of their findings. This includes recommendations for improving the day to day running of your business while getting maximum benefit from your software. This also ensures that you are up to date with any updated features and technologies without adding disruption to your business. The analysis can typically cover all aspects of your operations from forecasting, through the order entry process and up to shipping, invoicing, and G/L period closing.

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