Video | Gorant Chocolatier

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The Gorant Chocolatier VLog features interviews with Owner Joe Miller, Purchasing/ERP Manager Mary Ann Yerage and Director of Operations Jack Peluse. They describe how they were given a short period in which to seek and implement new ERP software. In addition, they note why they chose SYSPRO ERP and how the solution has enabled the company to enhance operational efficiencies and FDA compliance.

According to Yerage, one of the primary reasons for the selection of SYSPRO ERP software was the software’s outstanding reputation in the food industry. Specifically, she notes that the software’s Lot Traceability and Visibility features were instrumental in the decision. “The software’s ability to trace ingredients from origin through the manufacturing process to the ultimate customer destination not only helps us to accommodate customers who demand this ability, but to fully comply with FDA rules and regulations pertaining to food safety.”

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